Designer fiberglass garage doors are artfully constructed to achieve the most natural-looking wood texture. They won’t crack, rot, or dent like wood or steel. Being low maintenance, durable, and energy efficient, our designer fiberglass garage doors blend flawlessly into your garage with their subtle yet beautiful lumber look.

  • Feels and looks like real wood
  • Energy efficient, durable, quiet, and safe
  • Helps block street noise
  • Insulation value rating of R7 to R9

A Great Alternative to Wood

Our fiberglass garage doors offer the rustic and natural look of wood at a much lower price. Built for energy efficiency, durability, security, and style, our designer fiberglass roll-up garage doors are an ideal solution to your everyday curbside problems.

Why Choose Fiberglass

Our doors’ durable steel construction provide unmatched structure and functionality. They are crafted with the latest proprietary technology, combining the beauty of wood and the ingenuity of fiberglass.

Their insulating capabilities improve thermal efficiency of your garage and reduce street noise. By creating proper ventilation, these doors have built-in insulation allows you to cut down on heating and cooling costs truly a great investment.

Built to last, our fiberglass garage doors won’t easily warp, scratch, or buckle.

Easy Customization

Our fiberglass garage doors come in different colors, builds, and styles, with many hardware and glass options. Whatever your design preference or intended use, we can help you choose the best fiberglass door to your liking.

If you fancy the natural appeal of wood but require little to no maintenance, Contento Development designer fiberglass garage doors are the ideal choice. Discover our array of design and build options now, and provide your garage with years of unmatched care and exquisite appeal.

Product Specs


  • Constructed using the Accugrain™ technology Therma-Tru™
  • Panels have finished white interiors with white low-profile hinges
  • Doors over 7′ and up to and including 8′ high have four-section styling
  • Flexible bulb-shaped bottom seal


  • Polyurethane insulation helps block street noise and can improve a home’s thermal efficiency
  • Bulb-shaped bottom seal block drafts and debris from entering
  • Tamper-resistant safety bottom brackets help avoid possible injury by preventing inadvertent loosening


  • Optional insulated glass is available for improved thermal performance on horizontal and vertical raised panels
  • Hardware consists of black powder coated steel with a hand-hammered look